Saturday, July 17, 2010

Four major wisdom paths

Well there are so many learning path of wisdom, but in terms of convenience we can divide into four major parts. Here it must be specified, if any experience felt except by mind & body, it called “Divine Experience” (Alokika Gyan). Any deed do by mind and body, comes into Karma category and these Karma are responsible for next life.
Here it is necessary to tell you, Human life will get again after spent 84 millions different life cycle path even it does not matter how much you have good karma. After all something special about this human body, even deity wants this human body, so they can achieve liberation.
Krishna said in Gita, O Arjuna, liberation can only be achieved by wisdom not by good karma. By good karma you can achieve heaven but not liberation. So definitely liberation is much valuable, even paradise is quite trivial in compare to liberation.
Therefore we can divide wisdom (Gyan Marg) into four major parts.
Vhingam Marg (such as bird)
Makar Marg (such as crocodile)
Markar Marg (such as monkey)
Meen Marg (such as fish)

In these Vhingam Marg is the only Saint route others are for divine people (Siddhas). So Vhingam Marg or path is called Sahaj yoga.


राजीव कुमार कुलश्रेष्ठ said...

2- makar marg ( such as spider )
3- markat marg ( such as monkey )
tryambak upadhyay softwere inginier
newyork . u .s.a

राजीव कुमार कुलश्रेष्ठ said...

nice work
trayambak ji
thanks for contribution

Rajeev said...

Good divine knowledge triyambk ji

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