Monday, July 5, 2010

How monkey can know taste of ginger.

With the grace of God,and due respect to mharaj ji and my spiritual guide shri Rajeev Kumar Kulshreshth ji,i am going to inaugurate to translate the post of shri Rajeev Kumar Kulshreshth ji,from the blog

whenever i often talk about yoga and devotion to god,then people generally due to their very strong adamant feelings thinks,this type of talks are for the either people who have lots of spare time or the persons,who are free from their responsibilities and works of life and are thrown out of home like garbage,often people give me the examples of their knowledge,wife died and everything of house has been destroyed,then they get their head shaved and became sanyasi(renouces the world).
if some persons try to follow this path,then they think yogic devotion is most difficult path,and full time job,some even said baba(spritual people are normally called baba in India) you do not know,if a person returns to home after tiresome work of the day,like doing work of the bull or horses(Bull and Horses pulls the carts ),in the evening,and after taking bath,looks at his wife who is adorned with lipstick and powder then the devotion takes place out of mind,that tiredness only wife can remove the tiredness ? our lovely children jumps on the lap,then devotion can not be understood,there is a saying in punjabi "When word is sweet than who else to be seek ?" it means here is full enjoyment,what is heaven or hell is not known? whether God exists or not ?who has seen,baba do not destroy our enjoyment,monkey(baba),who knows the taste of ginger(wife).
Really ! our brothers says true ,i do not know taste of wife,but

but i do not like tea without ginger is wife is like ginger ? my old readers does not become impatient with my saintly talk but my new reader may feel uneasy,this the style of baba.
You modern people thinks baba can not be modern,conclusion of is that this saintly talks that mostly married people,service class persons or industrialist feels,that devotion and world can not join together,let use see how the devotion is done?

For this devotion is divided into three parts.1first is 1."karmyoug"(duties),mind intelligence and ego | five sensory organs and five organs to do daily work to do worldly things,your body is like a jail,in which you have rewards and sins a according to reincarnation,whatever you got good or bad you have got according to life due to the result of your previous births,you have to go accordingly,"every body gets the punishment after getting body,"wise according to knowledge and fool by crying",means that "it is punishment according to supreme" this the meaning of karmyoug that according to your personal lust,you have got any type of body and any type of situation.
2.second is gyan yog(knowledge) gyan yog is damn easy it's main principal is concious is moving by the soul,do worldly work with your body and sensory organs and other organs which are used to do work and behave, and devote your concious to God,therefore Lord Shri Kirshna said Arjun you (from the hindu religious book Geeta) fight and continuously meditate,whoever will understand the meaning of this sentence of shri Krishan,then this gyan yog(knowledge),will be very easy.

3. Third one is bhakti yog(Devotion),meaning of devotee is to join,devotee means to surrender,devotee means to remember God,this the main formula of devotion,whatever is happening is due to kindness of God. I am a just being,this world is like a theater,where everything is happening according to the grace of God,so enjoy fully whatever is done by God,forget your's and mine,if you observe practically,do you achieve anything by saying mine and your's? to consider this thing is real bhakti yog (devotion).
Note: When all these three things combines together,then "knowledge swan",all of three feathers has been destroyed by your deeds or wounded,then again they becomes healthy,and swan is ready to fly for infinity.
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