Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let us pray for Japan to protect from destruction

Let us pray for  Japan  to protect from destruction
Divine creation of the ultimate father of the dark ages without any change of  rule did not  changed to date even it will not change in future  go, or it can be said, as long as it will be the creation of the divine law will , Sun God always rises from east and  set at west, the moon rise from the west to east  and will happen the day after night, summer, rain and cold period of the visibility, always like it absolute  rules remain, the artist has the same composition, which is always there our father.|
 Anything above the Earth's gravity well fall below the range if I fall, life and death this order is also consistent, and religious texts according to Geeta, spirits leaves  the body, and afterwards take up another body,reincarnation goes on and we do not remember previous birth,if we remember  because it will be in our knowledge that we will get another chance for improvement or we spent  our l suffering life, so us new does not have the courage to live life, it shows the law of God is the one being |.
Sir Aejec Newton made three rules
1. That the object fall from the top down as they fall |
2. The object is moving, moving  will remain moving, and the object is stable, will remain stable |.
3. For every action there is reaction.
The Newton's three rules are like moving |
But when Einstein came the era of Newton's three, he revised rules |
1. object will fall from upwards to downwards due to gravitational force.|
2. The object is moving, remain moving and the object is static  remain static until  force is not imposed on them. |
3. Unlike the same reaction every action is equal to |
God never need to modify his rules arose, but the human sciences  ever had to modify and sometimes the opposite of a theory to another theory of was created.Had required |
God's rules were always  stable if the rules were, and  many things
were unknown to mankind,but they were there,when archemedize went in the bath tub,he realized any thing put in liquid,liquid will displace same volume as of the object put in liquid.,but this thing was always present.| I
creative life energy is made of  protoplasm even when protoplasm is viewed under microscope it design is same, but it created different type of life energy insects, animals and humans, however man had got  success by creating cloned animals,but could not create life energy of different kind of earthly creatures.  and look at this  artist's creation, body of woman and man are different,  and hormones are also different as it is important to take care of their children by father and mother both,every male and female goes through same reproductive process,except amiba which is made of  a single  cell is , and when it becomes the second cell, the birth of another amiba takes place. |
Human scientists often had a different views of one theory of of one subject,but for the God there  is no difference.Today, telephone, television, radio, mobile all the communication transmits and recieve the signals of light and sound waves,which are present in the atmosphere no, like that mental thoughts affect the ether present in atmosphere ,therefore let us pray for Japan collectively,which will create positive mass energy in the ether present in the atmosphere, and i am sure this collective energy will give tremendous benefit to Japan.

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