Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Short Description Of Mharaj Ji

Many readers of my blog,wished to know who is my master,why have not added his photograph,therefore i am removing my this shortcoming.Shri Mharaj ji (My Master) is the saint of aduait(who believes all form of God is one) knowledge,i am in his contact for last seven years,before this i had performed many types of meditation,but i did not get proper solution of my curiouisty and doubts,but as soon as i came in contact with maharaj ji,all of my ignorance faded out,i do not pursue whatever i say you agree with it,
if you have any question about soul and self realization and you have not got answer for that,or like me you did not get the answer of mysteries of life and uncountable problems(as i was sometimes earlier),so without hymns of God sorrows does not go,which is that hymn of God,by which all the problems of life abolishes,(fish is happy where water is abundant),along with God there is not any obstacle,which is the way to be with God or you have any question regarding soul and God,then you can talk to mharaj jI
His cell phone number is 0 9639892934
Note:mharaj ji does not have any permanent place to stay,he often wanders and sometimes he resides in a cottage outside of village near drain .
Mharaj ji (mharaj means king,but here it is not like a king of state or something like that,but in India it is the way of paying respect to a saint).

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राजीव कुमार कुलश्रेष्ठ said...

good work vinay ji
i don't have word for comment
very very thanks

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