Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ministry of God.

Generally people ask me, which God is bigger, because, the what is written in our ancient religious books are not straightforward, so the people get confused, this is a such a interested thing, because, the people except who have the knowledge of, sant mat (views of saints), mostly people does not know, beyond Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, I had mentioned this many times in my write ups.
On your request, I am telling again, but slightly different way.
The biggest God of this, universe is kal nirajan,who was called dharamraj(God of justice),from very early time, but when he has eaten, the daughter of sat purush(man of truth),who was the part of sat purush,who had the eight limbs, which is called,ashtangi(who is having eight limbs),girl, means adhya shakti,(energy of beginning) which is called adishakti same(energy of the beginning),in our ancient religious literature. So this person who had eaten adishakti,was named kaal (somewhat like death)or kaal nirnajan,this kaal nirnjan, takes birth in the form of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, against general opinion, as people thinks about Vishnu, this is fact that, Vishnu appears in the form of small reincarnation, like brah from,kurm form(form of tortoise),vaman form( a person who is having very short height),but these two main incarnation in the form of Ram and Krishna is of kaal niranjan,when kaal niranjan had eaten, the girl who had a eight limbs.
She meditated upon, sat purush who was like her father, and with his permission came out from the stomach of kaal niranjan,she was afraid of kaal nirnjan ,kaal nirnjan proposed lust for her, which that girl who was afraid of kaal nirnjan,but she had a crush on kaal nirnjan agreed for it, for the long period they involved in sex,resulting in the birth of Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh ,so the role of kaal in this universe is like president, the ashtangi girl is called Maya(illusion),mahamaya(big illusion),iccha shakti(will power),adishakti(energy of the beginning),devi shakti (energy of deity),now she is wife of kaal nirnjan and mother of Brhama,Vishnu,Mahesh .
After becoming wife of kaal ,she was also transformed like kaal,and she changed in the form of Maya(illusion),whenever kaal nirnjan takes the birth of Ram or Krishna, then she takes birth in the form of sita or Radha,you may be knowing when sita was kidnapped, then sati disguised herself in the form of Sita,for taking test of Rama,then shanker (Mahesh left her),and said and said now he can not see sati with the intention of lust, because sita is his mother, so kaal nirnjan adhya shakti are main power of this universe, and their three sons are the head of all the departments, main departments are under these three brothers, after that indra like irrigation minister,varun(lord of water),water minister,pawan dev(Lord of air),minister of air,agni dev(Lord of fire),fire minister,saraswati(Goddess of education),education minister,lakshmi(Goddess of finance),finance minister,
thus all the departments are distributed according to work, this is to remember, nobody is God and main power, they are all employees of kaal nirnjan,the limit of God starts from, from fourth stage, which is above all satya lok(word of truth),wherever universe is mentioned it means consisting of three worlds, the highest employee of universe feels greedy, for the power and status of even lowest employee of satya lok,here there are many posts, but main posts are not much, this all kingdom is called,alakh(separated),agamya(not approachable),durlabh(rare),saints have the knowledge of this up to some limit, beyond that param(super) Hans(swan) knows about it, it can be known by bihngam route and sant mat (saints views),by divya (divine)sadhna(practice),it is possible by atm darshan(soul image),swaroop darshan(self image),atm sthiti(soul state),to know about it, then only can be known about parmatma (soul above all).
The persons who wants to know details about it, those persons can experience about chetan (conscious),Samadhi(meditative state),less than 20 days, they can come between itawa and mainpuri at krhal,for this to clear there doubts, solution or any curiosity can talk to sat guru(true master),shri shivanand maharaj parmhans,at 0 9639892934.
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