Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ministry of God.

Generally people ask me, which God is bigger, because, the what is written in our ancient religious books are not straightforward, so the people get confused, this is a such a interested thing, because, the people except who have the knowledge of, sant mat (views of saints), mostly people does not know, beyond Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, I had mentioned this many times in my write ups.
On your request, I am telling again, but slightly different way.
The biggest God of this, universe is kal nirajan,who was called dharamraj(God of justice),from very early time, but when he has eaten, the daughter of sat purush(man of truth),who was the part of sat purush,who had the eight limbs, which is called,ashtangi(who is having eight limbs),girl, means adhya shakti,(energy of beginning) which is called adishakti same(energy of the beginning),in our ancient religious literature. So this person who had eaten adishakti,was named kaal (somewhat like death)or kaal nirnajan,this kaal nirnjan, takes birth in the form of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, against general opinion, as people thinks about Vishnu, this is fact that, Vishnu appears in the form of small reincarnation, like brah from,kurm form(form of tortoise),vaman form( a person who is having very short height),but these two main incarnation in the form of Ram and Krishna is of kaal niranjan,when kaal niranjan had eaten, the girl who had a eight limbs.
She meditated upon, sat purush who was like her father, and with his permission came out from the stomach of kaal niranjan,she was afraid of kaal nirnjan ,kaal nirnjan proposed lust for her, which that girl who was afraid of kaal nirnjan,but she had a crush on kaal nirnjan agreed for it, for the long period they involved in sex,resulting in the birth of Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh ,so the role of kaal in this universe is like president, the ashtangi girl is called Maya(illusion),mahamaya(big illusion),iccha shakti(will power),adishakti(energy of the beginning),devi shakti (energy of deity),now she is wife of kaal nirnjan and mother of Brhama,Vishnu,Mahesh .
After becoming wife of kaal ,she was also transformed like kaal,and she changed in the form of Maya(illusion),whenever kaal nirnjan takes the birth of Ram or Krishna, then she takes birth in the form of sita or Radha,you may be knowing when sita was kidnapped, then sati disguised herself in the form of Sita,for taking test of Rama,then shanker (Mahesh left her),and said and said now he can not see sati with the intention of lust, because sita is his mother, so kaal nirnjan adhya shakti are main power of this universe, and their three sons are the head of all the departments, main departments are under these three brothers, after that indra like irrigation minister,varun(lord of water),water minister,pawan dev(Lord of air),minister of air,agni dev(Lord of fire),fire minister,saraswati(Goddess of education),education minister,lakshmi(Goddess of finance),finance minister,
thus all the departments are distributed according to work, this is to remember, nobody is God and main power, they are all employees of kaal nirnjan,the limit of God starts from, from fourth stage, which is above all satya lok(word of truth),wherever universe is mentioned it means consisting of three worlds, the highest employee of universe feels greedy, for the power and status of even lowest employee of satya lok,here there are many posts, but main posts are not much, this all kingdom is called,alakh(separated),agamya(not approachable),durlabh(rare),saints have the knowledge of this up to some limit, beyond that param(super) Hans(swan) knows about it, it can be known by bihngam route and sant mat (saints views),by divya (divine)sadhna(practice),it is possible by atm darshan(soul image),swaroop darshan(self image),atm sthiti(soul state),to know about it, then only can be known about parmatma (soul above all).
The persons who wants to know details about it, those persons can experience about chetan (conscious),Samadhi(meditative state),less than 20 days, they can come between itawa and mainpuri at krhal,for this to clear there doubts, solution or any curiosity can talk to sat guru(true master),shri shivanand maharaj parmhans,at 0 9639892934.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nudity and sex

My five stories of ghost world, were liked by readers and asked me to write more on this subject and it had another aspect also some people
Severely criticized about the nudity and sex described in it. some people who are having knowledge of calling ghosts, they said, it is not necessary to make female or male nude and secondly the way I described was not trustworthy for them, I had said this before also that out worldly knowledge of who practices this have different way and standard of entirely different, but the persons who objects nudity or sex in special circumstances for them I am giving some views of life, you may be male or female or you are having some relative, if you go to doctor for special type of check up then you have to be nude, so calling ghost is like treatment given by doctor another requirement of also nudity, whenever any body suffers from ghost, it affects whole body in this condition throwing smoke affected by chanting and by another methods sufferer is totally get rid of it, take small example when you take steam bath, can you get benefit of steam bath when you are totally dressed?, second example now a days, body massage is a trend,
so when any male or female, gets body massage from another male or female, then does they get benefit of massage when fully dressed? and like this also when sun rays are taken on the beach, then wearing a small panty is in trend, when you take bath then you are nude and many men and women sleeps completely nude, for this critics have no arguement,at last why nudity is essential ?, tell you an big incidence at the period of mahabharat (period of kauravs and pandavs ),when question of heir arose for hastinapur in mhabharat period,because in that period ruler was infertile, then queen asked the saint ved vyas who had written many religious books, to help in getting to continue get issues so that family might go on,vyas had a knowledge of producing kids by niyog( to produce children without sex),ved vyas said that queens pass in front of me in totally nude condition, the head queen prepared two queens and one female servant for this, female servant was prepared for this so that if queens might commit some mistake, then son of female servant will be prepared keeping it secret, queens felt this very strange and proper so due to this one of the queen felt shy so she covered her face with her long hair due to this her eyes were closed so she gave birth of dhritrashtra who was blind at the time of birth, second queen covered her whole body with yellow mud as she felt shy and she gave birth to pandu, who was having
jaundice at the time of birth, poor female servant was compelled to follow instructions, so she was helpless so she could not do anything, poor female servant, so she was not able to do anything but started grumbling vidur,so vidur was born that's why his name was vidur,so have you seen where there was shortcoming in treatment, that part of body was affected, take another example of mhabharat period, the battle of Mahabharata was on the verge of end, only duryodhan was left in kauravs,so his mother gandhari thought that one of her son will be there, so she did planned something, she said to duryodhan I had not seen anybody after my marriage(she blindfolded herself at the time of marriage, as her husband dhrishtratra was blind),so you come in front of me completely nude, when I will look at you after taking of my blindfold then your body will be very hard and duryadhan was even doing this ,then shri Krishna thought it will spoil whole game, he mocked at him and said you had misinterpreted your mother's word, getting nude does not mean to take off undergarments duryodhan came in the trick of shri Krishna and he covered his waist,gandhari opened her blindfold and he repented very much, but what had to take place it took and afterwards bheem(pandav side),broke down duryodhan's thigh in gada(a type of weapon) battle, if he had been nude then his thigh will be very strong, one other thing shri shukdev ji was in the prime of youth, he went to forest for worship and his middle aged father followed him to convince him,shukdev went and women were taking bath as it is in the pond,
when they saw old aged father of shukdev approaching there, they hurriedly dressed themselves and greeted him after coming out of pond,shukdev's father felt curious and he asked those women ,you were taking bath in nude state even my young son was there and after watching me you dressed yourself, what is reason of it ,women said saint shukdev had attained that state of knowledge, where there is no difference between men and women but according to you there is difference, you might have often when saints of who had reached to there extreme are in forest or lone place, they like to remain nude to meet God who practices worship has to be without any thing, but here it does not mean only nudity it means to sacrifice all shortcomings, do you know at some places nudist city, nudist society, nudist people many organization are there, if you do not believe you can search in goggle.
Now let us talk about sex,as sex word comes then sight of men and women doing intercourse comes, is it meaning of sex is limited to it,sex word has very wide spectrum then this, after getting hungry combination of hunger and food (sex is called sambhog in Hindi and it means combination of two things),after getting thirsty combination of thirst and water,
at the time of disease combination of disease and medicine(sambhog),all this is sambhog ,men(conscious) and female(nature)are continues in sambhog,every moment and something new takes place, what is sambhog ? something like which continuously takes place and some state hunger happens then to fulfill this requirement is sambhog, Rajneesh told about from sex to meditation and many people consider many people that by indulging in opposite sex meditative can be attained rajajneesh did not said any strange thing, our religious literature is full of it, but it does not mean what you understand, it’s real meaning is to behave in materialistic things, so your requirements is fulfilled to leave no influence upon you means to fulfill materialistic things without affecting you and after that become indifferent with materialistic things is real sambhog.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Learn about actual preaching |

Generally often there is a curiosity,amongst my blog readers,often i get emails and phone calls,i had described in brief in my posts according to need,but curiosity for spiritualism is such as,as much you talk about it,but curiosity goes on increasing,people who had attained religion,wealth and wishes all these three things sufficiently,they also feel
strange type of feelings,which is felt like that after attaining these things,and after getting these things,there is something which is missing ,we had searched over entire life for pleasure with our entire energy but we have not got pleasure real pleasure, we feel "something is lost",how our search will be complete when,where and through which medium ? this is a basic question in living being, i am not saying this on any guess but after meeting thousands of persons and after knowing them closely,for last 25 years i am saying this,generally women and girls are seen with the angle of lust by people and why they are considered hindrance in the path of salvation,when i joined saint life, i was very concious regarding this matter,but after gaining experience i came to know,ladies are having great zeal and curiousity and they are also have great interest in aquiring God,spiritualism and salvation,salvation is such a subject on which
a large volume of book can be written, i found in my spiritual path very few people know about it and whatever they know, there is no one to show them right path instead they are shown wrong path for such curious persons i am revealing some secrets of preaching, the there are thousands type of preaching,according to the master and his knowledge,(there are many ways of chants, knowledge and powers),but one preaching is important for everyone that is the preaching of self relilisation ,which gives real salvation to show the path of salvation,this is the only one this preaching,one have to cross four stages for it,and know clearly that preaching means to show or open third eye((by which you can see everything of this universe even it is in minute and hidden,which you are not able to see with naked eye),if after getting preaching and after practicing you did not get outwardly experiences within three months such as to see any God or Goddess or travelled to tiny planet or to divine place world then certainly you are wasting your time and there is some defect in your master,search another master.

1. First preaching is off chant,this chant is of two and half word,it is not chanted by voice but this appears by master methodically,this is real God's name.if you have taken sermon methodically then you yourself see divine light,and some are able to see Gods or may travel to heaven or place like this. some gets three four experience first time within one hour and by getting preaching of chant one gets peace of mind.
2. second is hans deeksha(swan teaching) only people know about swan it seperates water from milk means that it takes best and rich things,you may have heard very popular saying,swan eats perals otherwise it dies.
When this soul descended from higher stage it was like a swan,it was very powerful and higher state,when it descended then attracted by lust and became with lustful ,like a crow who likes the thing such as nature call and forgot it's higher state ,like someone who is from graceful and higher class and rich person beacomes habitual of wine drinking,gambling
and visiting to prostitute,by this immortal soul went in the cycle of birth,death and religion became living being but is continously wandering and eager to get it's real stage,to make it reach to it's origanal stage only saints have those power,they make him to remmember his real state by opening his knot,by some special type of thing they make him aware so after opening his knot he starts moving from downwards to upwards at that moment,do not make out who got the preaching is dead,it means that he gets his immortal state which was lost by meditation crossing diffirent stage but condition is that you got preaching by true saint,did you get preaching from true saint or not,i have written in my blogs at many places,but i revealed it clearly here only,that saint is like a lion and wanders without fear,it has no crowd it has no artificial things, i had never lighted incense stick in my spiritual path,only remmember and only connection with feelings,God is hungry(craves)for devotion,he does not require extra things and after getting hans gyan(swan knowledge),after getting swan knowledge he knows difference between real,unrealastic,truth, lie,immortal ,mortal.
one important thing swan knowledge can be given to ladies,gents,child,old person,person who is leading family life,who has renounced the world,in our society six children got this swan knowledge,if you got swan knowledge from true master and you have practiced it for approximately for twenty years with true devotion then your next birth of a man or woman is definate.

3. after swan rising upwards,when it rises above vertically,and crosses some more stages,then there is anu(atom) preaching,it's expireinces are meditation without fluttering eyelids,travel with your tiny body means after art of coming out of your large body and art of travel with your tiny body,travel to tiny places and to meet godman of higher stage,meeting with with strong powers also merge with different kinds of strong powers,therefore it is called lay yog
and as he even leading common life,beacomes representative of God and able to do great works,which are beyond the power of Gods,secrets of this preaching can not be told.
4. After clearing this exam with discipline and good mannerism,then there is paramhans (Best swan) preaching he person who meditates reaches beyond saint's personality and reaches to that state where he is
careless(he is not concerned with worldly things),great powers follow him with folded hands(in invisible form)to write about such person is not easy,you can understand nobody has powers to disobey his orders,he is in continuosly in contact with God and he is master of his own wishes, every super powers have to obey it's commands in any conditions,he is not under any law,but it is secret,he may be before you or may be your neighbor,but you can not get his identity without his wish,this paramhans(Best swan) gyan(knowledge)merges this person with God at last,there,in it there are many things which are secret,which are revealed to the person who is real meditator who has reached to the extreme.
At last who reaches to this stage,he can see God clearly.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learn to awake during sleep,awake,awake.

In every creature turiya lives,turiya means three states,it also comes in contact of fourth state,but for very few moments,this state is very mysterious for every jeev(life force),which he gets for ten minutes to thirty minutes and maximum forty minutes during real sleep,yogi or some persons who mediates,comes to know about this state,which gives benefit,even without knowing it,but after knowing it it gives uncountable benefits,and surprisingly everybody amongst us,gets in this state,even he is six month child or reached to last state of life,old person.
Before knowing this mystery,let us know about three state,which we know,in which conditions we live,generally we call them,awake,sleep and dream,if you consider you are in one of the state out of three states,either you are awake,or sleeping or dreaming,but in it there is mystery,it may seem to you,you are the same in this state at one place.
But reality is you are on the different place and different condition,as this action takes place unknowingly,so you do not fear,if this type of state is in your knowledge,then you will get fear like death,during death .
this type of action is almost similliar during death,at that time person watches in his concious state,during death our all glands and universe,it unlocks automatically,because jeevatma(the life which is within us),goes to it's last travel,there is no advantage to hide mystery of universe to hide,reason to get fear there are new expierience and sights,after getting life again then these things gets locked again,by maya(act of God),and creature's knowledge is also destroyed by mahamaya(Action of God).

Every day is person is like in the fainted sate or intoxitated,let us know about ourselves state in these three state,awaken state,awaken state of saint is different,awakening state of a creature is different,it is reality,jeev dreams or sleep while waking,dream with open eyes,jeev is behind agya chakra(Anjana cahkra),you can say jeev is behind in the center of eyebrows,at that time jeev is getting familiar with itself,means it has control on itself,if it will think about raising hand,it will raise it's hand(you can say agya chakra or Anjana chakra give commands to the body),every action is under it's control,normally awaking state is called awaken state,in that state it performs worldly things,second state is dreaming state,in that condition it jeev comes on
throat region,here on chitra(name of nerve in hindi) nerve,on which is collected things of millions of our reincarnation,which are in picture form,it can be assumed like a video clip which is quite familiar things,it means which deeply affected our brain with this life or other our lives,is
a collection like a movie,this becomes like tradition,these causes becomes seeds,due to which we have to take birth again and again,in yoga this nerve which is called huta nerve it's traditions are burned out,as any seed is fried then it will not grow so during sleep we come to
that condition like a film projector is placed,so we wander according to our lust or mental state,suppose if you remember your birth fifty years ago anyhow and you go on thinking about that,so during your sleep you can see the clip related to that birth,this not certain for everybody,because,human brain is extraordinary,at that time what happens,that thing can be known exactly when you have that knowledge,but not in normal state,but on common state,result of that state are similiar,this means during your sleeping period you are like on your throat region,sleeping or dreaming states are almost alike,but even they are considered two, now third state is deep sleep,in this state we are on heart region,as when we thinks before sleep,we go in deep sleep,when we lose our concious,because in dreaming state,we feel ourselves,but in this state we do not feel ourselves,why this happens?because that is that divine and pious place,where our inner concious ,intellect,chit(our inner personality),ego are not there,so this natural and extraordinary thing happens with you everyday once or twice,these are very beautiful place,this the place from where you get energy for soul like a one does,you think you get energy from meal,this is half true and half false,with the meals you get energy for your body,not you,for example how much rich diet you take,you feel tired,unless you consume your full sleeping hours and until you get this mysterious sleep,this twenty minutes sleep refreshes you again,
if you have not thought over it or did practically then observe after doing it,your body gets energy with meals,but energy of life you get when you reach on your heart state,alas on this earth prisoner of maya(Gods act),so it is closed in the box of maya,so it is unable to see those beautiful and is not able to experince those divine things,which are there after giving him dose of soul energy like two drops of polio and is returned back,because without special divine knowledge according to law of God,he is not authroised to for this divine knowledge,like a v.i.p pass is required,which you can get by master who knows kundalni or master who has aquired knowledge of self,so if you are normal jeev of deep sleep, so this turia which means there are three conditions awakening,dreaming and sleeping and fourth state is called concious state,which is the same means going to your heart region,but interesting thing is,go conciously and with respect,means to know that state,this awakening serves your purpose of sleep,therefore saints says awake,awake,going in self knowledge or yoga the nature of lust of jeev trnansforms like a nature of swan,then he is authoursied to watch those beautiful and divine things and get expriences ,in this post some things
which may be missed or you might have not understood,in this condition,you can clear your doubts by email or phone,because to know about this fourth state is main goal,in turiya jeev is playing from the time when this world started,when you were in sound sleep,then you were aware,so you say afterwards,i slept like i was not aware,so who knew this thing who was he? what did you not know during sleep,if you were that,so why did you not know during sleep,so this secret idientity,
is very big achievement,he is that who knows everything,to know this thing and sleep in false world is very big achievement.
i will discuss about it's details.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Four major wisdom paths

Well there are so many learning path of wisdom, but in terms of convenience we can divide into four major parts. Here it must be specified, if any experience felt except by mind & body, it called “Divine Experience” (Alokika Gyan). Any deed do by mind and body, comes into Karma category and these Karma are responsible for next life.
Here it is necessary to tell you, Human life will get again after spent 84 millions different life cycle path even it does not matter how much you have good karma. After all something special about this human body, even deity wants this human body, so they can achieve liberation.
Krishna said in Gita, O Arjuna, liberation can only be achieved by wisdom not by good karma. By good karma you can achieve heaven but not liberation. So definitely liberation is much valuable, even paradise is quite trivial in compare to liberation.
Therefore we can divide wisdom (Gyan Marg) into four major parts.
Vhingam Marg (such as bird)
Makar Marg (such as crocodile)
Markar Marg (such as monkey)
Meen Marg (such as fish)

In these Vhingam Marg is the only Saint route others are for divine people (Siddhas). So Vhingam Marg or path is called Sahaj yoga.

Friday, July 16, 2010

All of you are invited for the festival of Gurupurnima(Auspicious Da

for become for be the follower of master(Guru),purnima(day of full moon)

Gurur Brhama,Gurur Vishnu,Grurudev Mhaeshwara,Gurur sakshat Parbrham,tasmayai Shri Guruve namh

This the holy chant which is being said to show the highest respect to Guru(Master).

In Indian Spiritualism there are three main Gods Brahma(Creator),Vishnu(Who takes care of everything created by Brahma),Shiva(Destroyer who destroy everything created by Brahma.
also to explain it better there is another aspect of it, Brhama is satogun sato(True),gun(quality),Vishnu is rajogun rajo(like a king),gun(quality),shiva tamo(devlish),gun(quality).sakshat(real), tasmayi(him,here it is used for guru) parbrahm(beyond brhama),Gurve namh(i pay the respect to such type of Guru.,Guru(master).
shri,shri 1008 (showing the highest form of respect),swami(it is also way of showing respect) ,swami shivananad(name) ji(also way of showing respect),paramhans(Title),Param(supreme),hans(swan) swan is considered is most pious bird in Indian spiritualism,with uncountable grace of God,there will be festival of gurupurnima will be celebrated with full enthuasim village ubali,postoffice-urthan ,near bridge near bujhiya karhal mainpuri.
The main motto of Gurupurnima is in this world,in this mortal world there are so many troubled and desperate persons,these devotees will get the true spiritual knowledge,from the very starting the soul of persons are repeatedly going through the cycle of life and death,and suffering from many type of troubles,sadguru(True master),will show the path of salvation by,so do not forget this type of golden oppurtunity and get your soul purified,Truemaster says","if a person is fully devoted towards spiritual knowledge and devotion,then only fifteen minutes are taken by soul to know God",so get benefit of such a pious moment,your soul will get salvation.
Note: This festival will take place on 25-07-2010 in ubali(karhal) in which saints from far and wide will talk on self
Rsvp: Rajeev Kulshreshth,(Agra),Pankaj Aggarwal(mainpuri),Pankaj Kulshreshth(Agra),Ajab Singh Parmar (Jagner,Agra),Radharaman Gautam(Agra),Phoren Singh(Agra),Ramprkash Rathore(Kusmakheda),bhure baba alias Pagalnanad Baba(Karhal),Chetandas.Jangi(Mainpuri),Vijaydas(mainpuri).Balkrishan Shrivastav(Agra),Sanjay Kulshreshth(Agra),Ramsevak
Kulshreshth(Agra),Charn Singh Yadav(Ubali,Mainpuri),Udaiveer Singh(Ubali,Mainpuri),Ramveer Singh Yadav(Bujhia ka pul,Karhal),satyaveer Singh Yadav(Bujhia ka Pul,Karhal),Kayam Singh

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Short Description Of Mharaj Ji

Many readers of my blog,wished to know who is my master,why have not added his photograph,therefore i am removing my this shortcoming.Shri Mharaj ji (My Master) is the saint of aduait(who believes all form of God is one) knowledge,i am in his contact for last seven years,before this i had performed many types of meditation,but i did not get proper solution of my curiouisty and doubts,but as soon as i came in contact with maharaj ji,all of my ignorance faded out,i do not pursue whatever i say you agree with it,
if you have any question about soul and self realization and you have not got answer for that,or like me you did not get the answer of mysteries of life and uncountable problems(as i was sometimes earlier),so without hymns of God sorrows does not go,which is that hymn of God,by which all the problems of life abolishes,(fish is happy where water is abundant),along with God there is not any obstacle,which is the way to be with God or you have any question regarding soul and God,then you can talk to mharaj jI
His cell phone number is 0 9639892934
Note:mharaj ji does not have any permanent place to stay,he often wanders and sometimes he resides in a cottage outside of village near drain .
Mharaj ji (mharaj means king,but here it is not like a king of state or something like that,but in India it is the way of paying respect to a saint).

Monday, July 5, 2010

How monkey can know taste of ginger.

With the grace of God,and due respect to mharaj ji and my spiritual guide shri Rajeev Kumar Kulshreshth ji,i am going to inaugurate to translate the post of shri Rajeev Kumar Kulshreshth ji,from the blog

whenever i often talk about yoga and devotion to god,then people generally due to their very strong adamant feelings thinks,this type of talks are for the either people who have lots of spare time or the persons,who are free from their responsibilities and works of life and are thrown out of home like garbage,often people give me the examples of their knowledge,wife died and everything of house has been destroyed,then they get their head shaved and became sanyasi(renouces the world).
if some persons try to follow this path,then they think yogic devotion is most difficult path,and full time job,some even said baba(spritual people are normally called baba in India) you do not know,if a person returns to home after tiresome work of the day,like doing work of the bull or horses(Bull and Horses pulls the carts ),in the evening,and after taking bath,looks at his wife who is adorned with lipstick and powder then the devotion takes place out of mind,that tiredness only wife can remove the tiredness ? our lovely children jumps on the lap,then devotion can not be understood,there is a saying in punjabi "When word is sweet than who else to be seek ?" it means here is full enjoyment,what is heaven or hell is not known? whether God exists or not ?who has seen,baba do not destroy our enjoyment,monkey(baba),who knows the taste of ginger(wife).
Really ! our brothers says true ,i do not know taste of wife,but

but i do not like tea without ginger is wife is like ginger ? my old readers does not become impatient with my saintly talk but my new reader may feel uneasy,this the style of baba.
You modern people thinks baba can not be modern,conclusion of is that this saintly talks that mostly married people,service class persons or industrialist feels,that devotion and world can not join together,let use see how the devotion is done?

For this devotion is divided into three parts.1first is 1."karmyoug"(duties),mind intelligence and ego | five sensory organs and five organs to do daily work to do worldly things,your body is like a jail,in which you have rewards and sins a according to reincarnation,whatever you got good or bad you have got according to life due to the result of your previous births,you have to go accordingly,"every body gets the punishment after getting body,"wise according to knowledge and fool by crying",means that "it is punishment according to supreme" this the meaning of karmyoug that according to your personal lust,you have got any type of body and any type of situation.
2.second is gyan yog(knowledge) gyan yog is damn easy it's main principal is concious is moving by the soul,do worldly work with your body and sensory organs and other organs which are used to do work and behave, and devote your concious to God,therefore Lord Shri Kirshna said Arjun you (from the hindu religious book Geeta) fight and continuously meditate,whoever will understand the meaning of this sentence of shri Krishan,then this gyan yog(knowledge),will be very easy.

3. Third one is bhakti yog(Devotion),meaning of devotee is to join,devotee means to surrender,devotee means to remember God,this the main formula of devotion,whatever is happening is due to kindness of God. I am a just being,this world is like a theater,where everything is happening according to the grace of God,so enjoy fully whatever is done by God,forget your's and mine,if you observe practically,do you achieve anything by saying mine and your's? to consider this thing is real bhakti yog (devotion).
Note: When all these three things combines together,then "knowledge swan",all of three feathers has been destroyed by your deeds or wounded,then again they becomes healthy,and swan is ready to fly for infinity.
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