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Hindizen is one of the most visited Hindi blogs of its kind on the Internet

Hindizen is one of the most visited Hindi blogs of its kind on the Internet. It covers happiness, spirituality, cleaning up your karma, successfully implementing good habits, achieving goals, productivity, being organized, GTD, motivation, inspiration, simplifying, and minimalism.
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Let us pray for Japan to protect from destruction

Let us pray for  Japan  to protect from destruction
Divine creation of the ultimate father of the dark ages without any change of  rule did not  changed to date even it will not change in future  go, or it can be said, as long as it will be the creation of the divine law will , Sun God always rises from east and  set at west, the moon rise from the west to east  and will happen the day after night, summer, rain and cold period of the visibility, always like it absolute  rules remain, the artist has the same composition, which is always there our father.|
 Anything above the Earth's gravity well fall below the range if I fall, life and death this order is also consistent, and religious texts according to Geeta, spirits leaves  the body, and afterwards take up another body,reincarnation goes on and we do not remember previous birth,if we remember  because it will be in our knowledge that we will get another chance for improvement or we spent  our l suffering life, so us new does not have the courage to live life, it shows the law of God is the one being |.
Sir Aejec Newton made three rules
1. That the object fall from the top down as they fall |
2. The object is moving, moving  will remain moving, and the object is stable, will remain stable |.
3. For every action there is reaction.
The Newton's three rules are like moving |
But when Einstein came the era of Newton's three, he revised rules |
1. object will fall from upwards to downwards due to gravitational force.|
2. The object is moving, remain moving and the object is static  remain static until  force is not imposed on them. |
3. Unlike the same reaction every action is equal to |
God never need to modify his rules arose, but the human sciences  ever had to modify and sometimes the opposite of a theory to another theory of was created.Had required |
God's rules were always  stable if the rules were, and  many things
were unknown to mankind,but they were there,when archemedize went in the bath tub,he realized any thing put in liquid,liquid will displace same volume as of the object put in liquid.,but this thing was always present.| I
creative life energy is made of  protoplasm even when protoplasm is viewed under microscope it design is same, but it created different type of life energy insects, animals and humans, however man had got  success by creating cloned animals,but could not create life energy of different kind of earthly creatures.  and look at this  artist's creation, body of woman and man are different,  and hormones are also different as it is important to take care of their children by father and mother both,every male and female goes through same reproductive process,except amiba which is made of  a single  cell is , and when it becomes the second cell, the birth of another amiba takes place. |
Human scientists often had a different views of one theory of of one subject,but for the God there  is no difference.Today, telephone, television, radio, mobile all the communication transmits and recieve the signals of light and sound waves,which are present in the atmosphere no, like that mental thoughts affect the ether present in atmosphere ,therefore let us pray for Japan collectively,which will create positive mass energy in the ether present in the atmosphere, and i am sure this collective energy will give tremendous benefit to Japan.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Muniaswamy Kasiraja said....According to Indian philosophers , self is the Purush or Purusha . realization is the knowledge or the consciousness of this Purusha within every human being , and it is the most important aspect of every seekers of God to attain Mukti ( salvation ) . For those who believe in karma samsara , Self Realization is the only way to liberate themselves from the cycle of birth and death .
The religious life of many Indians is focused on devotion to gods and goddesses through rituals at homes and in shrines . More philosophically - minded people ignore these gods altogether and seek Realization of the Self through intense meditation . Still others focus primarily on fulfilling the social and moral duties appropriate to their position in life .
These three approaches are regarded as equally important , and they are formally recognized as threefold margas ( paths ) to liberation : bhaktimarga ( the path of devotion ) , gnanamarga ( through the path of knowledge ‘ sankhya ’ or through philosophy ‘ yoga’ and ‘ meditation ’ ) , and karmamarga ( the path of works and actions ) .
Those who want to follow the path of devotion are the majority and their aim is to try and please God through different types of rituals including poojas , offering special prayers & gifts during festivals , doing dharma , undertaking pilgrimages , participating in kumba - melas , taking up vows and penances , walking on fire , offering yagnas , rolling for miles , even sacrificing animals etc .
Purpose of Yoga : The goal of Yoga is to achieve union with self , the little self and the True Self . It is a process of awakening to the preexisting union between Aathma ( soul ) and Brahma ( Creator ) , Jeevathma and Paramathma , or the realization of Purusha standing alone as separate from Prakrithi . Buddhist philosophy teaches that the self does not have absolute boundaries .
The author of the yoga system , Shri Patanjali , says that it is a system of moral and physical exercises ( Yoga Sutra 1:1,2 ) . Patanjali teaches eight steps . 1 . Yama ( moral conduct ) : fulfilled by noninjury to others , truthfulness , nonstealing , continence , and noncovetousness . 2 . Niyama ( religious observances ) : prescripts are purity of body and mind , contentment in all circumstances , self -discipline , self - study ( contemplation ) , and devotion to God and guru . 3 . Asana ( right posture ) : the spinal column must be held straight , and the body firm in a comfortable position for meditation . 4 . Pranayama ( control of prana ) : the subtle life currents . 5 . Pratyahara ( withdrawal ) of the senses from external objects . 6 . Dharana ( concentration ) : holding the mind to one thought . 7 . Thyana ( meditation ) . 8. Samadhi ( superconscious experience ) .
In the final stages of Samadhi , the yogi is supposed to have attained miraculous powers such as raising into the sky , walking on water , conquering lions , leaving his body and entering into the dead bodies of any form etc . Through this system of yoga and meditation , the soul is expected to merge with the Purusha without the grace of God ; and it is also believed that , through the individual practice alone one can attain divine status .

Kriya Yoga : Kriya Yoga ( union with the Infinite through a certain action or rite ) is a technique of relaxation , meditation and concentration which leads to a personal experience with God . When the inner peace arrives , one can then feel God ’ s overwhelming presence and reach greater clarity . The body and mind will then be trained and the soul will eventually be liberated and truly freed .
It is to free man from the effects of karma resulting in everlasting remains . It is done through the realization of oneself , and thereby realizing God and the love for God . It helps them to recognize the beauty within , and the magnificence of their spirit . Most of the people seek satisfaction from what they see , but this provides no relief and the longing continues . But by focusing on the internal, rather than the external , one can get complete relief from all desires .
It is also meant to encourage the establishment of individual temples of God in the hearts of men , to liberate man from his threefold sufferings : physical , mental and spiritual , to promote plain living and high thinking , to spread the spirit of brotherhood among all people by teaching the eternal basis of their unity : kinship with God , to demonstrate the superiority of mind over body , of soul over mind , to overcome evil by good , sorrow by joy , cruelty by kindness , ignorance by wisdom and above all to attain direct personal experience with God .
Kriya Yogi mentally directs his life energy to revolve around the six spinal centers ( medulla , cervical , dorsal , lumbar , sacral , and coccygeal plexus ) which correspond to the twelve astral signs of the zodiac , the symbolic Cosmic Man . One - half minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of man effects subtle progress in his spiritual evolution ; that half - minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment .
Hatha Yoga : The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to locate and activate the chakras ( centers of energy ) , thereby raising the kundalini ( dominant spiritual power ) . This in turn is believed to help remove blockages ( diseases ) in the mind and body .
Hatha yoga attempts to balance mind and body via physical postures and exercises ( asanas ) , controlled breathing , and calming of the mind through relaxation and meditation . Asanas teach poise , balance & strength and were originally ( and still ) practiced to improve the body ’s physical health and clear the mind in preparation for meditation in the pursuit of enlightenment .
Kundalini Raising : The practice of kundalini yoga centers on raising the kundalini , or dormant psychic energy , through the body ’ s seven major chakras , or centers of consciousness . The seven chakras are : Muladhara chakra - base of the spine , Svadhishthana chakra - near the genital organs , Manipura chakra - behind the navel , Anahata chakra - at the heart , Vishuddha chakra - at the throat , Ajna chakra - behind the point between the eyebrows ( the “ third eye ” ) , Sahasrara chakra - the cerebral cortex .
Each chakra is associated with a different set of psychic powers and spiritual experiences . For example , accessing the vishuddha chakra in the throat bestows powers of telepathy and prophecy , while activating the ajna chakra on the forehead brings universal knowledge . Specific colors and sounds are also associated with the chakras and used to activate them. ...conti....


Transcendental Meditation : The Transcendental Meditation ( TM ) technique involves reciting of a mantra through which the mind is brought to the source of thought , the settled state of the mind - Transcendental Consciousness - pure consciousness , self - referral consciousness , which is the source of all creative processes . It is believed that through this technique , the individual ’ s awareness settles down and experiences a unique state of restful alertness . As the body becomes deeply relaxed , the mind transcends all mental activity to experience the simplest form of awareness - Transcendental Consciousness , where consciousness is open to itself . This is the self - referral state of consciousness .
The Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi claims that TM is the only way for salvation and it provides heaven in earth . It uses seven words such as Jagrata centana ( walking ) ; swapna cetana ( dreaming ) ; sushupti cetana ( sleeping ) ; toorya chetana ( transcendental consciousness ) ; tooryateet cetana ( cosmic consciousness ) ; bhagavat centana ( God consciousness ) ; and brahmi cetana ( Unity consciousness ) . Even though the TM organization claims that their mantras are meaningless sounds with known physiological effects , the mantras are in fact names of a Hindu deity .
Katha Upanishad 65:8 says , Avyaktatuparah purushoyagnatva muchyatae : One who knows Purusha becomes free and attains immortality . Viveka Chudamani verse 6 says;
Vadhanthu shastrani yadhanthu devane , Kurvanthu karmani bajanthu devata ,
Aatmaikayodena vinabpi mukitha , na chityathi bhramma shathanthrashpi .
Let them quote scriptures and sacrifice to gods ; let them observe rituals and worship devatas ( gods ) ; but there is no liberation at all ; no , not even in a hundred lifespan of Brahma put together , until the identity of one ’ s self with the Divine Self is realized . Again verse 56 says :
“ na yogena na sankhyena karmanano na vidhya brahaat maikatva bodena moksha sidyate naanyata ”
Neither by yoga , nor by knowledge , nor by karma or by learning , but by the realization of one ’ s own identity with God is liberation possible , and by no other means . Svetaasvatara Upanishad 3:8 says :
Vedaaha metam purusham manantam Aaditya vamam tamasah - h parastat
tameva viditvati mutu meti naanyah panthaa vidyate - ayanaaya
I know the mighty Purusha of the color of the sun beyond the darkness . Only in knowing Him does one Passover death . There is no other way leading to eternal life .

Vedas begin with the worship of gods of nature , namely ;
1 The terrestrial gods- Prithvi ( earth ) , Agni ( fire ) , Bruhaspati and Soma ( plants ) .
2 The atmospheric gods - Indra , Rudra , Maruts , Vayu and Parjanya ( storm , thunder and rain ) .
3 The celestial gods - Dyaus ( heaven ) , Varuna , Ushas & Asvins ( twilight morning stars ) and Surya , Mitra , Savitri , Ka , Vishnu ( all associated with the sun ) .
Actually these gods were the result of man ’ s search for the truth , which finally culminated in the Purusha Prajapathi , the Creator . The Katha Upanishad 3:11 says , avvyakthath purusha parah purushanna param kinchith sa kastha sa paragathi , which means that there is none superior to this Purusha and He is the paragathi ( Only way to Moksha ) .
The Purusha in the Purusha Sukta of the Rig Veda is called the Param Purusha that means the one and the only Supreme Being and He is the Lord of immortality . The 10th mandala of Rig Veda chapter 121 verse 10 says, Prajapathi Lord of life, Lord of Creatures and Lord of Creation .
Creation of Man : Genesis 1:27 “ God created man in his own image , in the image of God created he him ; male and female created he them ” . Isaiah 64:8 “ But now , O LORD , thou art our father ; we are the clay , and thou our potter ; and we all are the work of thy hand ” . Psalm 139:14 “ I will praise thee ; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made : marvelous are thy works ; and that my soul knoweth right well ” . God created humans in his own image for His glory and to the praise of His glorious grace .
Empowerment of the Soul by Purusha : Genesis 2 : 7 “ The Lord God ( Prajapathi Purusha ) formed man from the dust of the ground , and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life ; and man became a living soul ” . Many people find it difficult to believe , that human beings were created from the dust of the ground . However , if we recognize that the modern day wonder machines including the Super Computers and Nuclear Bombs etc ., were made by taking all the raw materials from the earth only , and that too with the limited wisdom and knowledge of the human beings , then it will become obvious that the All - knowing and All - powerful Creator can create human beings by taking the necessary ingredients including the living cells from the ground .
Since human beings were made out of living things , then what God breathed into Adam ’ s nostrils is His own Spirit , and Adam’ s soul ( Aathma ) became a living soul ( Jeevathma ) . That means the soul ( Aathma ) has been endowed with the life and that life ( Purusha or Self ) is the Holy Spirit ( True Self ) of God Himself and this spirit was not given to any other creature . This is what many people call it as Little Self , Sixth Sense , Clear Conscience or the Still Small Voice etc .
This leads us to the fact that , every human is made up of both physical and spiritual being . The physical being comprises of the physical body and the life attached with the body , and the spiritual being comprises of the soul , which is the controlling force behind the body , and a life ( self ) to sustain that soul . As the physical man has got a physical heart and brain etc ., the spiritual man does not have such heart or brain . However , when we talk about heart or mind during our religious discourse , we actually refer to the soul , and this soul or the Aathma is the one , which manipulates our brain .
Having got the Holy Spirit of God , the soul also has become immortal and cannot be destroyed . Even many things in this world cannot be destroyed , but can only be changed from one physical state to another . Hence humans have become altogether a powerful beings , physically as well as spiritually . That is why human beings are sometimes called as saints or lower gods .
In addition , human beings have been endowed with the power to communicate not only with each other , but also can know and be in communion with the Creator all the time . Each and every word that humans speak has got a special power behind . Mat 12:37 “ For by thy words thou shalt be justified , and by thy words thou shalt be condemned ” conti...


The life in this condition was like a child born into a King’s family . The King being the all - powerful Creator of this Universe who is our Heavenly Father, with immeasurable grace , mercy and power, and everything in His Kingdom was made available to man without asking . It is all the Royal inheritance of the rightful heir . So God provided man with everything including the host of angels at his service . This Kingdom is the everlasting Kingdom of God .
Uniqueness of Human Beings : It is because of the empowerment of the soul by God ’ s Spirit , humans have become unique with lots of extraordinary features namely , a ) Physical :-  with distinct individual capacity , power and identity . b ) Intellectual :-  bestowed with the wisdom and knowledge to analyze logically and be creative , and with necessary skills to rule over the other creatures . c ) Spiritual :- In addition to our soul being made immortal , it has been endowed with a free will . Only humans build altars and worship God .
This spirit and soul combination has become an inimitable dynamic system , and it is this indwelling of the Holy Spirit in every human soul , helps everyone to seek and search for God one day or the other , which the other creatures will never do .
As a result of the above qualities , man became a self - sufficient , self - creative and self - willed complete individual being . It is because of this free will , not only can he think and choose , but also can be influenced by other forces as well . When the first man was to make a choice between God and devil as the guiding force for his soul , he willfully chooses the devil , as the present day world, because of the influence of the devil , who had already chosen evil for himself by trying to become like God or equal with God , who made man also to fall prey to his evil design .
It was not just a simple disobedience ,  but it was a deliberate choice of evil over good , and the evil spirit got embedded onto the human soul affecting the entire human race .  In this condition , the spirit , which is the life force for the soul , lost its sustenance from God and got suppressed , and the devil took almost full control and authority over the human soul . This has brought about a sea change in the attitude of man towards God and ultimately man became an enemy of God .

Thus humans have been stripped of that honor and glory ,  privileges and power they were vested with ; and having lost the image of God that was upon them , and that robe of purity , innocence and righteousness , the rectitude of their nature with which they were arrayed . Now they were unable to save themselves from the curse of the righteous law and the fury of vindictive justice .
Genesis 3:19 “ In the sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread , till thou return unto the ground, for from dust thou art taken , and dust shall thou return ” . Eze 18:4 “  Behold , all souls are mine; as the soul of the father , so also the soul of the son is mine : the soul that sinneth, it shall die ” .
As a result of these curses and also due to the corruption of the soul , not only our physical body suffers a simple death but also is afflicted by diseases and deformities , and there is always a constant struggle raging between the life forces (  immune system  ) which are trying to preserve the body on the one hand , and the disease forces which are trying to destroy the body on the other hand  . At times the disease forces dominate resulting in sickness with the life forces being suppressed and vice versa  .  Similarly , there is also a struggle going on in our soul , between the subdued spirit ( Self ) which is the life force for our soul and the evil spirit which is the destructive force trying to destroy the soul . This affects our thoughts and deeds, as it is written , “  for I know that nothing good lives in me , that is, in my flesh . For I have the desire to do what is right, but I cannot carry it out ” Romans 9:18.
The evil spirit makes man to do more evil than good , if not all the time , but most of the time . That is why God says , “  You belong to your father the devil , and you want to carry out the desires of your father . He was a murderer from the beginning and has never stood by the truth , since there is no truth in him . Whenever he tells a lie he speaks in character ,  for he is a liar and the father of lies ” John 8:44 .

All have become filled with every kind of wickedness , evil , greed  , and depravity . We are full of envy , murder , quarreling , deceit , and cruel . We are gossips , slanderers , God - haters , haughty , arrogant , boastful , inventors of evil , selfish , corrupt , lustful , lust for money , lust for food , lust for power , with contempt for God , no peace , revelry , strife among ourselves , and among nations .These are the fruits of the evil spirit , which are exactly opposite to that of the fruits of the Holy Spirit . Hence the word of God declares that , “ For there is not a just man upon earth , that doeth good , and sinneth not ”  Ecc 7:20 .
The effect of all these is the cause for the greatest battle which is now raging in this world between good and evil , i.e . between the forces of God and the forces of devil , and the victory of course is foreknown . But the big question is , on which side are you ? Everyone in this world , either knowingly or unknowingly is contributing his money ,  might , and time for the above cause . Mat 7:20 “ Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them ” .  But if we are indifferent to know or to find out , or even to spend a minute to think about it , we may have no excuse at all .
The atmosphere of the world today gives all of us without exception a perverted sense of value because of the influence of devil . We tend to get life’s priorities wrong , since that influence is immensely powerful . Faster than ever before in the history of mankind , the world is sinking into the gutter of moral decay and corruption . The darkness deepens until the night is black around us .
Now the soul which has lost its empowerment by the spirit ( self ) , if not redeemed will have to spend its eternity in Hell . The Vedas and Upanishads proclaim that the redemption can be obtained only through Purusha the Prajapathi .  In Rig Veda Purusha Sukta ends with the following words :
tameva vidvaanam amruta iha bhavati , nanyah panthaa ayanaaya vidyate
( thus one who knows this becomes able to reach the state of deathlessness . There is no other way ) . Bhruhat Aranyaka Upanishad ( 1.3.28 ) says , “ Asatoma sat gamaya , Tamasoma Jyothir gamaya , Mruthyoma amrutham gamaya ” which means , from untruth lead me to truth , from darkness lead me to light , from death lead me to eternal life .
Deliverance from untruth , darkness and death is the basic need of every person . The sages in the past testify that they were living in the shadow of vanity , darkness and death . They were seeking truth, light and eternal life , knowing fully well that they were mortals and these immortal gifts were beyond their reach ; but they were also aware , that the Prajapathi or the Creator will have to

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Come even develop your superstitions

If a man take Adss poisonous snake. The treatment of ten - twenty thousand takes the same injection. But a person that says that if you cut Peepal tree bring a healthy leafy branch. And patients frequently beding two cards remove his stick (add the branch) on behalf of patients entering the two ears slowly slowly. than The patient feel hard pain. two to three times this. when the patient calm down. Then the leaves changing and repeat same action. will then repeat the situation. Make the snake bite enter such affected person when patient of stick does not feel at all. mean he got off the poison. (Not only rumor.) .. The rumor prestigious religious magazine. Welfare. Gita Press Gorakhpur apparently published about 17 years ago. Several books published since his little and Big publication . Then by reference. Kadambini and other magazine published in magazines, etc. ... then the phone was not common practice. So your name address, and all the expert gentleman was at the end of the article. They reached the many letter. And went directly to meet the people. Is important. That it was not his only verbal. He did better on all patient. Witness eyewitness which made many people from time to time with the villagers. This hidden matter rather than a famous article was suppressed. The welfare of the entire staff was familiar. Which should also have its full details. Geeta press can contact.
AND .. I'm lucky in this case the dog had not bitten me until today. Dog bites injection takes about two thousand. First it was employed in the stomach ... District Mainpuri vigharai named a village in Uttar Pradesh. Village is a very famous well. That water and not in common use for the treatment of dog bites is over. ambiguous information (but only me. Local people and the whole thing people get there right know.) According to the very first find no saint. relative which a thing was possible. Dog bite taking still far away from the well drinking water come from the people. water well effects of the many people around the same witnesses. There are others far away. Mainpuri whose lives have identified. Illustrated by phone many years can find out the truth.
AND NOW .. RAJEEV BABA *** This post written from the point ..??.. Well maybe I never know this thing does. STATS Blog on the monitor was put on while my eyes Referring sites. That .. Pravin Shah. Blog Spot. Enter the name of work was. And it simply meant to the above blog link of my blog . U R L I clicked on. Referring to a post about my whole article was published ... says. Criticism raises the healthy thinking. I read this critical post. And consider anew whether this is right. And wrong? .. The thing I enjoy Karnpur swaym aanand Vewah @ the priest Baba ( late three years ago) was told by. In fact the method described in a line I forgot to write them. That tongue that .. it in the nose and throat should touch the cork equally. fold means it is even in. And outside. But these are two different conditions. At the same time a few days I did not understand ... the practice. And be "community. The smoking habit from my tongue muscles of the mouth, etc. stiff lived. So for me as it was impossible to practice. The practice and I was not interested in result of this. I did not see any sensible use of the exercise. Baba priest in the general mentioned the interesting thing I heard. And I would not get over him. So who was this experiment successful users. Even I did not know. But at this point was partly because some of the true faith?
As Mr. Pravin Shah . By some commenters. Some of the examples given. Whose tongue touches the nose was born. And for evidence that those pictures were published. I do not know what their body dealing with poison will live? .. But I like the tongue of these rules may not apply. By the attempt was develop tongue. Compounds in the body brings the results of actions. Any action the body's internal structure compound. Chemicals is the adjustment. Making it possible. Body part that will be born normally while. AND .... it won the Big successful wake of recent examples anulom Ramdev is inverted. Nose holes so it is that air traffic. Passes the same way. Then give it some change and little twisting. That complex diseases. To keep the body healthy. How can most effectively?? AND .. Heart pain is. And the point of a palm to press. Heart Benefits How can that be? (Acupressure therapy. Are also used by Ramdev. Followed by many of the world. AND .. I have heard in the consistency of some saints. It is also available in some books of Ayurveda, that arsenic poisons . some bit as sharp. Peas Half of the rash. Hisean on the cob. worn at all clearing the entire arsenic cloth. sewed the finger at the place and touch of the tongue Hiskara. this action to several months. than toxin is not ineffective on the body. AND .. snake venom Some of the time cutting die. While some people find slowly bearing exercise snakebite. snakebite are unaffected. So many of the Discovery program. have been aired on channels like National Geographic. There remain are.
AND .. what a steel spoon metal spoon, etc. Given the shrill concentration fold can find. Yoga is taught in a country like Japan. The successful experiment I saw on TV. AND .. Agra Surasadan packed recently. Mumbai Ignishne probably came from a person engaged in the bike was turning the key off. Concentration, indicating the use of almost all women of thirty men have miracle. All elder coverage and published by newspapers. AND .. What flaws in scooter accident on the spine. When you're paralyzed. Declared incurable by doctors to the patient by only a half months Headstand (wall support. feet from the pack. Yogi made by giving support. Headstand. It can not so good good headstand. Then how will the patient paralysis.) Immediately to heal. Half-hour documentary aired on TV several times. AND .. just a few days ago I wrote about the electricity post. Emphasis blow gently. Jhansi which is about the well-known current Sage. (Known and published in newspapers.) Blogger Mr. Lalit Sharma on this post. Mr. Vinay Sharma. Made the comment that such a program he saw on television. 10,000 volt coil to which a person nude tongue was touching.
AND .. not much older. Is about fifteen year old. Ramdev was the embodiment of a new new. Baba said when they pulled a nasal aperture nasal aperture Get breath another nose hole. Then the opposite way to do this action. Baba told her anulom inverted. If this diabetes. Blood pressure. Heart Disease etc. all complex diseases will be cured. 85% of the world's public. than fun of the great Indian sage ramdeb doctor and we were tired ... but do not find .. 15 -18 years, the world's many public parks in the morning the Baba many people it idea started from the nose. (Which is not of that faith. Haridwar go see. Haridwar will not. You're welcome. In the morning you open your TV can only view.) .. Defector brother you guys are always in the expert. Which also saw heavy side. Jumping only reached there. AND .... beyond the limits of the Baba has gossip. Baba said. Nail the nail on the hair are strong rubbers. Elder are ... and what ? All modern women cross the station to places such as nail Histe saw were. (Baba also managed a rumor.)
AND .. .. before any further on the gourd called Mareji food. Nose was the name of food feel cheap. ... Statement by the gourd juice is extremely healthy Baba gourd International market prices gave such a bounce. A share of the gourd (up to twenty bucks a gourd with a Rs) rupees twenty bucks a bounce was. Juicer rich to the poor through access to rare gourd was. .. Half cloth (a towel. A short skirt. A nappy.) Wearing the sage who founded many of the world was rocked Aculean of principles.
AND .. 1 lime green peppers hanging in front of his shop ones. 2 Building on the monster face mask set. 3 of Motherhood Zoar to smoke outside the cell constant. Motherhood 4 knives, etc. to the head. 5 law legislation creating the child's name, why Arakate to find. Why do not you put Sonu Monu. 6 who died. he was. Then why do any prayer long expensive. 7 married a girl and a groom has to promise to play with the life. Then the need for it so long frills. Among four people the same way it can be sworn. I am married to mantra and Retarivazoan. 8 In a message to write. he has departed. How do you guarantee. The deceased was heaven? 9 on the body of a goat can be written Allah. 10 What a cat's afterbirth (cat after delivery. Type cover the baby) will always make money by placing in the vault or box. The after birth very costly pay the price for the elder elder are well prepared. Is called on. The cat eats the after birth. 11 architecture. Feangshue etc. can be a scientific basis. + A little bit like Ambani from locating. People like Mittal launched the business day ahead of God by turning incense. Then turning on your store items, etc. are put. They studied abroad MBBS doctor I've seen. 12 newborn babies from two to three years to pull back the girdle is the justification. Justify putting her mascara on 13 shots is the forehead. 14 more than his unprovoked crying (when looking eye) on the chilly etc. roll his eyes what is the rationale? Ask an elderly home. 15, sneeze while walking and cat bite the way things are so worn Pite. 16 start of a working business, etc. while religious veneration actions. Narrative. Worship, etc. What is the significance? While anyone not guarantee it. God or not ??
AND .. where all says up. Mother Ganga river like you guys brothers be considered. Who will explain to you how much?? I'm out.
AND .. and its was this post. So this post. to Post ... "Take a look that only you can even touch your nose with your tongue?" PRAVEENSHAH.BLOGSPOT.COM
AND .. Disclaimer: - I've seen it. That I posted a slight pain in the stomach is people. Without you all on this subject .. Buad Annie Boliwood Hollywood films. Native foreign novels such as Harry Potter. Such mechanisms for literature spells then what say ? What will ? I have God in their most simple of posts. Comfortable. Saint specified by tradition. Emphasis on worship described in religion books adoption. Matter other saints etc. some experience. And only on the information available in ancient literature known around us is merely to discuss unknowm interesting mysteries certified uncertified.
AND .. and finally ... as a child my mother never learned to be a mistake. I tell Mom. he told him to do so. He had inspired me. Then mom. If he says . well to jump into. Then you will jump. what Your own eye are blind ? ... Obviously. We do anything. So we must have some personal interest remains.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The real secret of worship

Come today, the real worship. Real devotion. About real Ivadh points. Which are only four ways.And which is also called Gan currency.1 Bhucharie money.2 Akecharie money. 3 Agocharie money. 4 Uanmnee money.Any race. Any religion. Any stage.In any case, why not.If you are human.God. Allah. rbb. The only way that true devotion to GOD.1 Bhucharie currency ... Bhucharie exchange Chetondhara Joङkara itself it has to Raman. This method is very simple. And many types of physical mental Kaleshoan does mitigation.Raman has the same currency with Mahamantr Zay. Its power is so Bङ Karoङoan times. Real Charie means. Fallie Huyie land. That Huyie motion. Rupee spirit lust laughing matter Fँsskara Agan is on the ground Vichrne. And so the true value is sitting. Bhucharie rejoices in the aerial itself seems to be different. And abstract abstract abstract Ghrahon seems to be ... There Thotha Ghhi Uङaya payable. As I have stated before. These strange and mysterious words Zayँ not. Surti extremely simple in terms of spiritual care any Gan Verbs and joy is the joy... .. Aramt Jogi Ram Aramaia seeker has been told this. Vidhman Kaonkaon of creation in God's path to Ananddham Bhucharie exchange itself is the same.
... Leading the way with a few secrets to the next three.Adaँaya route.Siddhoan of the area.Baँaya route. This year you billions.Birth birth are already running. According to science also left part of brain is very minimal use.According to the scriptures to life Alpgy said. This time God and his wife Maya area. This falls under the devotion dual devotion. Degrees to the right which heaven and Deoadi etc. are received. There are four kinds of freedom. Right to life is not as Muchh. And time is Fँasa into the trap of Maya. (I times the wife will call the name of Mayawati, darling. All creatures in the clutches of the same subject by lust Ahthkaandoan Fँse to find. But the mere shadow of the presence of the saints are very scared. The way to avoid the saints given by Gan and go on to deliver his own.) depth. Ie the direct route between Adaँye Baँyean is. This is the path of saints. That is the way Satlok or Amarlok. That God is the place to go. This is actually to go home. By the way of any true saint meet Gan elusive (proven) and Kalamayao (vacuous life) takes effect Chँttene.
2 Akecharie currency ... the exchange of proven Hanuman is the son of Anjani Famous examples.The posture of the power of the ocean after crossing the purpose Saikaङoan Lanka Ravana were dwelling. Its the curse of sages Hanuman Gan was forgotten. According to the same curse on Peङne need Gan had remembered him. The practice of currency inside the mouth, above the palate (the Peone inch round Ghङrङo slow. Where bone is not.) Continued practice of putting the tongue occurs. Constant practice becomes a small hole here. Which Ameeras (Amritarss) seems to fall within the mouth. The amazing sensation of joy. Ajiw C lasting peace in a life goes. And practice are further proved the currency. The seeker are many kinds of supernatural powers. Bhucharie much higher results than they have the money ... but without the seeker guidance and protection in the absence of a saint can be scary experience. So that's my advice. Siddhiaँ the very highest level providers in this discipline carefully and make a protection ... this Krima am telling you one simple thing similar. That a relationship with a prayer and not a spiritual mysteries of the body is concerned. That side of the nose that you get your tongue out and Practice. It is very difficult exercise. Sustained effort on the tongue will Bङne. The day will touch your tongue to the nose. On that day you shall not affect any type of toxin. Big whose tongue is normal. Alacquilly is. So it is easy for them to practice highly.
3 Agocharie exchange ... Tulsidas said ... Go where Algi visible transported mind. So all Maya Janoan brother. Ie senses (Go) and the location of their Vichrne (visible) as far as the mind is.That is all Maya. So as is clear from the name of the currency. Agocharie. Ie where the senses (5 Gan senses. 5 Karma senses. And mind.) Can not let go of. She is unmarked. Santmat for this are several couplets. Which are two very Famous ... eyes and ears of Doँpe mouth.Niranjan LAYE name. Opened the inside boards.When paid out. Algay close to three. Anahr Oncoar listen. Sahajo numb in trance. Nehian Nehian morning twilight ... This money is used in many ways the name of the note. Do the same to such attention. Ramdev, who have seen the program. Last of the program in the Babaji ear. Eye. By shut-deep grave accent ...... do ... .. the place to practice the Ramdev'm telling thing. That situation is vastly different and higher RAM. Body. Niranjan RAM. But the method is the same. The two fingers to the thumb so tight but tolerable Husayaean in both ears. External sound to the ear are Asaundepruf Zaँy. Now the two Big middle finger. Muँrte find both eyes. Thoङo the tight (so that they may not Duakne.) Be press keeping. Remaining two fingers. Find shut while keeping a slight press on the lips stay. Both thumb. Neck. Or according to your body wherever Banabo easily.Zaँy put in a comfortable position. Rest. Does not vary too much from them anywhere. When you feel discomfort and pain is not just practice.Take special care of it ... Now .... as to Ramdev.Do nothing. Not a chant. Is not to say something. To do something special. Just in the middle of the brain to hear the voice heard in the automatic stay.
This extremely easy once everyone will hear first. At the beginning of Roङne Hङhङaho will hear the wheels of the chariot. The chariot of the sun. Time it can also say the wheel or circle. The second is also a cycle. The sound emanating from any one home run Chaqui Whatever resonant voice. In fact the two wheels of the chariot virtuous sin in creation is constant Roङt. Inhi tied with two wheels and fauna is Hisot in Agan. Samdershi Saint sin virtue kick both sit on top of this chariot journey determines life. Kabir has said for this position.Roy kabira Chaqui was moving to see. Koy not save the whole between two roofing. Organism that is your nature to forget the sins of virtue Chaqui with two span of eternity flea is ... well .. after the sound of the chariot a garden you will hear the chirping sound of many Chiङioan. That means Ram Niranjan Dhune Arrankar will hear later. That sound is the name of Rupee real RAM. This was told to Parvati by Shankar Amarkatha. The Htakash constant blare.Tulsidas Ramayana indicated in the same unbroken text as advised. Not putting the siren.Pedkara to Ramayana. Foङne Peङosioan of the ear ... Kaagbhushundi also had this to say about that I'll drink constantly Ram Katha ... hear it now is just take care of it. The center of the brain to hear the voice of Left Adaँye No.

4 Uanmnee money.Big surprise me that millions of people in the world to practice it despite a day do not know anything about it. Perhaps this has been asked.Chhora at home. City proclamation ... Yes.That which you do.Medioeshne. The right not to know.Not because someone said. As described. Do so. Come today, I'll only tell.Same action. Medioeshne one. Ie the central focus Bhoanho station. Ane Uanmnee sense of indifference from the world. Them (ie God) Money (get in the mind) to put the mind of God.Hail. Hail. Is so beautiful ... I mean that while world attention through the nostalgic sense of love for God Adding to the mind. Come the easy way you describe it. Starting time. With open eyes for a while stay tuned to the nose. It automatically via Surti converge Jङ nose (just below the location of Bindi or Tilak. Hraumdhy just below.) Will be reached. And your eyes are shut away Zayeangee Automatic. Let loose your "community. And then do not find anything.What's going on. Let him. After some practice the same position between the late try to go.For this practice to Gudgude mattress. You will feel comfortable. Its right to take action on the inner realms of life provides a comfortable journey.
Special - the perfect way to use electricity carefully the convenience and comfort to your life gives full joy. But inadvertently in the mouth can cause serious consequences or death. Well same thing applies to spiritual practice. So instead of Amanmukhie conduct before a knowledgeable guide is good to.
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