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HOW SHOULD WE LIVE OUR LIFE ? हम अपना जीवन कैसे जियें ?

If we think for a while ,we will find that most of us   are simply passing our life any how without having any zeal, aim and happiness. Sometime  we  feel that the life has become a curse .Why so ? It is so because  we do not understand what is the meaning of life? Here I will like to remember the words of Dr.GaganDeep Singh who says that we were given this life very beautiful and simple.TheAlmight Supreme Power had given the life to live with simplicity and love for all but we have burdened our life with so many unnecessary weight of confusions, complications and superstitions. As far as we are advancing towards so called progress actually we have dragged our self backward due to various confusions. The real thing of life has been left behind by us. William Wordsworth has very aptly said that THE WORLD HAS BECOME TOO NEAR TO US  , WE ARE WASTING OUR POWERS FOR GETTING AND SPENDING OF WORLDLY  MATERIALISTIC THINGS. WE HAVE NO TIME TO SEE THE BEAUTY OF THR NATURE
Actually we are searching the HAPPINESS like a deer in the forest runs hither and thither in search of musk while the musk lies in his TUNDI. We also have happiness  WITHIN US AND NOWHERE  but for it we have to know some important things of life.
We see that we have captured our self in the room full of negative thoughts and superstitions. We will find if we try to introspect that  we and only we are responsible for our  sadness  because either there is no window in the room or we have closed all the windows and doors  of knowledge..We have locked our reasoning power since long and these locks have got so much rust and dust of superstitions that now we try to open these locks but  unable. Now there is only one way to open the locks that is we should thrust heavily  a pressure of the hammer of wisdom/reasoning power otherwise we will have to remain in the closed doors AND  NO GOD WILL COME AND ASK US AS TO WHY ARE YOU LYING IN THIS CLOSED DOOR HOUSE?
Due to ignorance crores of people in this world are dragging their lives with heavy load of sadness, frustration and negativities. Instead of dropping this load from our lives we are adding the layers of loads and we think that there is no other alternative except accepting the option of suicide and it is being done by children, young and old. We see it often  in the daily news. Its only solution is that we should take oath not to show others but  by our heart that  WE WILL HAVE ONLY AND ONLY POSITIVE THINKING IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE. UPS AND DOWNS OF LIFE WERE 
COMING,ARE COMING AND WILL COME  AND FOR THE TROUBLES WE SHOULD NOT TRAT ANY PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM BUT TO INTROSPECT WITHIN US AND CERTAINLY WE WILL FIND OURSELF RESPONSIBLE DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY. If we   do it  our way of thinking towards life ,friends ,relatives and family members  will be quite different i.e. it will be  positive.
To attain our goal in life is not easy. Every way going towards goal is difficult .We should have courage  to face any difficulty keeping in mind that every cloud has a silver lining and that if winter comes can spring be far behind? During the period of sadness of life it is better to be economic in your talks,IT IS NOT IMPORTANT THAT WHAT GOES INTO YOUR MOUTH  (WHAT YOU EAT )BUT IMPORTANT IS THAT WHAT COMES FROM YOUR MOUTH ( WHAT YOU SPEAK). Because in trouble you will speak only about your sorrows
and difficulties but who will share and upto what period someone   one will like to hear your troubles? Listeners will become bore. The best way to reduce our sorrows is to make efforts to reduce others sorrows because you will forget your sorrows. If you are handicapped try to join  families in which there is a handicapped and try to know how they are living happily?  See any hospital and you will realize that other peoples are having more troubles than you.In  thelife  failure will also come because  nobody  can achieve success every time. We will have to face struggles as the part of the life. We can not get every time what we expect from life. Sometime your husband leaves you (dies) in the mid of the journey of life and sometime your wife leaves when you in much need of her .
Swami Vivekanand said that “Never mind failure. They are quite natural. They are the beauty of life. ? What will be life without them” Why do we fail?Is is because we are unlucky? Is it because we did not work hard? No. It is for the different reason that we have to experience failure to strengthen our personality .
THE BEST WAY TO LIVE LIFE IS  THAT “ DO THE BEST AND LEAVE THE REST” have option to do the best  up to your capacity and leave its result’s care .See the film “YEH ZINDGI NA MILEGI DOWARA .”We do not know who we were in past life and who we will be in the next life? SO LIVE LIFE  IN SUCH A MANNER THAT YOU MAY BE REMEMBERED AFTER YOUR DEATH. FOR IT DO NOT START FROM TOMORROW BUT FROM TODAY. Always try to be happy. HAPPINESS IS A CONTEXT OF BEING ALIVE WITH THE MOMENT  as has been said by Swami Sukhbodhanand. Even aproblem can make us alive. When we  define HAPPINESS as “WHEN MY DESIRE IS FULFILLED  I WILL BE HAPPY. BUT
Some time it is asked that why should I work hard ro be good while those who are not working hard are enjoying a good time? As Swami ji said \that look deeply and you will realise that people who do wrong also suffer. WHILE A
CRIMINAL GETS CAUGHT OR NOT HE HAS TO BE MANIPULATIVE AND HE DOUBTS EVERY PERSON AND THIS INVOLVES A LOT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS.ULTIMATELY HE IS CAUGHT .Have you ever thought about the mental position of those who have been awarded “hang till death punishment” and those  have moved the petition for life and the  decision is pending  with either Supreme Court or the President of India.They are neither living nor dead.  Same is the condition of their family member. NATURE has its own way of punishing or rewarding which we are unable to understand.  WE SHOULD TRY TO TELL THE TRUTH BECAUSE ULTIMATELY LIES DESTROY US. If we had to tell a lie under circumstances beyond your control ,we should feel and repent.
In a discourse SudhanshujiMaharaj once told that” the course we charter for ourselves should be that of wellbeing  .Follow ways which lead to peace . Tread paths which help eliminate pain, suffering, anguish and conflict. Enlighten your own life with the virtues of your parents. Establish an aim for yourself. Determine where you have to go and what would be your destination ?
Since childhood we have been in such a social environment that we get much interest in social evils. If we keep ourself away from such evils the it is due to fear of PAP  and PUNYA. Many of us speak  truth not because speaking truth is a GOOD thing but because  to tell a lie is  SINFUL . Since childhood we have been forced to cram that TELLING A LIE IS SINFUL AND NOT THAT TELLING A LIE IS A SOCIAL EVIL.   Actually  as we live in the society so the things /actions which are harmful for the society are SOCIAL EVILS   and not SINS. Our actions should  not be due to the fear but the  deciding criteria should be SOCIAL WELFARE. We should respect our parents and other elders with the intention that it is  a good manner and not with the intention that NOT OBEYING/SERVING  PARENTS WILL  AMOUNT TO  SIN.  To travel without ticket is not a SIN but A SOCIAL EVIL.
Another thing is that we should not follow double standards in our life. It means  we should not have mask on our face. Most of us want to show that we are very good person while reality we ourselves know. Mahatma Gandhi said that WE SHOULD BE OUR OWN JUDGE AND WE WILL BE HAPPY . If a thief is let off / aqiutted   in the court of Justice in the absence of proper evidence against him, as is found many times, but does he not know that he is thief? He knows. Your mind/heart  is the mirror of all the  works -----whether good or bad. You can escape from the world but can’t escape from your mind and heart. Your heart is GOD and your heart is WORSHIPPER  and the heart is the bridge between GOD and worshipper.  YOU CAN NOT DECEIT YOUR MIND/HEART.
Leon Trotsky  said that “ Means are more important than the ends. THE ENDS MAY JUSTIFY YOUR  MEANS AS LONG AS THERE IS SOMETHING THAT JUSTIFIES THE END.”
Mahatma Gandhi told that “Pure goals can never justify improper means or violent action.”
Albert Cumus told that “a man wants to earn money in order to be happy and his whole effort and the best of his life are devoted in earning that money. The happiness goes out of remembrance .The  means are taken for the end.”
We should not believe in GENDER CONCEPT. In the modern society the girl child are killed in the womb for the desire of a boy child.It is being done not only in rural areas but also in metro cities and even in well educated and  high standard families in which the husband ,the father-in-law, mother-in-law, and other family members are doctor/Advocate, principal of school.We forget that the girl child to whom we are going to kill in the womb may be equal or more than IndiraGandhi, PratibhaPatil ,MamtaBenarjee or even TESSY THOMAS(INDIA’S AGNI PUTRI) WHO HEADED THE MISSION OF MAKING  AND LAUNCHING THE AGNI MISSAIL SERIES. In April 2012 she launched AGNI V     ICBM having range of over 5000 Km. we must remember the leadership or technology does not  know GENDER.

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