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Learn to awake during sleep,awake,awake.

In every creature turiya lives,turiya means three states,it also comes in contact of fourth state,but for very few moments,this state is very mysterious for every jeev(life force),which he gets for ten minutes to thirty minutes and maximum forty minutes during real sleep,yogi or some persons who mediates,comes to know about this state,which gives benefit,even without knowing it,but after knowing it it gives uncountable benefits,and surprisingly everybody amongst us,gets in this state,even he is six month child or reached to last state of life,old person.
Before knowing this mystery,let us know about three state,which we know,in which conditions we live,generally we call them,awake,sleep and dream,if you consider you are in one of the state out of three states,either you are awake,or sleeping or dreaming,but in it there is mystery,it may seem to you,you are the same in this state at one place.
But reality is you are on the different place and different condition,as this action takes place unknowingly,so you do not fear,if this type of state is in your knowledge,then you will get fear like death,during death .
this type of action is almost similliar during death,at that time person watches in his concious state,during death our all glands and universe,it unlocks automatically,because jeevatma(the life which is within us),goes to it's last travel,there is no advantage to hide mystery of universe to hide,reason to get fear there are new expierience and sights,after getting life again then these things gets locked again,by maya(act of God),and creature's knowledge is also destroyed by mahamaya(Action of God).

Every day is person is like in the fainted sate or intoxitated,let us know about ourselves state in these three state,awaken state,awaken state of saint is different,awakening state of a creature is different,it is reality,jeev dreams or sleep while waking,dream with open eyes,jeev is behind agya chakra(Anjana cahkra),you can say jeev is behind in the center of eyebrows,at that time jeev is getting familiar with itself,means it has control on itself,if it will think about raising hand,it will raise it's hand(you can say agya chakra or Anjana chakra give commands to the body),every action is under it's control,normally awaking state is called awaken state,in that state it performs worldly things,second state is dreaming state,in that condition it jeev comes on
throat region,here on chitra(name of nerve in hindi) nerve,on which is collected things of millions of our reincarnation,which are in picture form,it can be assumed like a video clip which is quite familiar things,it means which deeply affected our brain with this life or other our lives,is
a collection like a movie,this becomes like tradition,these causes becomes seeds,due to which we have to take birth again and again,in yoga this nerve which is called huta nerve it's traditions are burned out,as any seed is fried then it will not grow so during sleep we come to
that condition like a film projector is placed,so we wander according to our lust or mental state,suppose if you remember your birth fifty years ago anyhow and you go on thinking about that,so during your sleep you can see the clip related to that birth,this not certain for everybody,because,human brain is extraordinary,at that time what happens,that thing can be known exactly when you have that knowledge,but not in normal state,but on common state,result of that state are similiar,this means during your sleeping period you are like on your throat region,sleeping or dreaming states are almost alike,but even they are considered two, now third state is deep sleep,in this state we are on heart region,as when we thinks before sleep,we go in deep sleep,when we lose our concious,because in dreaming state,we feel ourselves,but in this state we do not feel ourselves,why this happens?because that is that divine and pious place,where our inner concious ,intellect,chit(our inner personality),ego are not there,so this natural and extraordinary thing happens with you everyday once or twice,these are very beautiful place,this the place from where you get energy for soul like a one does,you think you get energy from meal,this is half true and half false,with the meals you get energy for your body,not you,for example how much rich diet you take,you feel tired,unless you consume your full sleeping hours and until you get this mysterious sleep,this twenty minutes sleep refreshes you again,
if you have not thought over it or did practically then observe after doing it,your body gets energy with meals,but energy of life you get when you reach on your heart state,alas on this earth prisoner of maya(Gods act),so it is closed in the box of maya,so it is unable to see those beautiful and is not able to experince those divine things,which are there after giving him dose of soul energy like two drops of polio and is returned back,because without special divine knowledge according to law of God,he is not authroised to for this divine knowledge,like a v.i.p pass is required,which you can get by master who knows kundalni or master who has aquired knowledge of self,so if you are normal jeev of deep sleep, so this turia which means there are three conditions awakening,dreaming and sleeping and fourth state is called concious state,which is the same means going to your heart region,but interesting thing is,go conciously and with respect,means to know that state,this awakening serves your purpose of sleep,therefore saints says awake,awake,going in self knowledge or yoga the nature of lust of jeev trnansforms like a nature of swan,then he is authoursied to watch those beautiful and divine things and get expriences ,in this post some things
which may be missed or you might have not understood,in this condition,you can clear your doubts by email or phone,because to know about this fourth state is main goal,in turiya jeev is playing from the time when this world started,when you were in sound sleep,then you were aware,so you say afterwards,i slept like i was not aware,so who knew this thing who was he? what did you not know during sleep,if you were that,so why did you not know during sleep,so this secret idientity,
is very big achievement,he is that who knows everything,to know this thing and sleep in false world is very big achievement.
i will discuss about it's details.


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very nice spiritual article
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