Friday, July 16, 2010

All of you are invited for the festival of Gurupurnima(Auspicious Da

for become for be the follower of master(Guru),purnima(day of full moon)

Gurur Brhama,Gurur Vishnu,Grurudev Mhaeshwara,Gurur sakshat Parbrham,tasmayai Shri Guruve namh

This the holy chant which is being said to show the highest respect to Guru(Master).

In Indian Spiritualism there are three main Gods Brahma(Creator),Vishnu(Who takes care of everything created by Brahma),Shiva(Destroyer who destroy everything created by Brahma.
also to explain it better there is another aspect of it, Brhama is satogun sato(True),gun(quality),Vishnu is rajogun rajo(like a king),gun(quality),shiva tamo(devlish),gun(quality).sakshat(real), tasmayi(him,here it is used for guru) parbrahm(beyond brhama),Gurve namh(i pay the respect to such type of Guru.,Guru(master).
shri,shri 1008 (showing the highest form of respect),swami(it is also way of showing respect) ,swami shivananad(name) ji(also way of showing respect),paramhans(Title),Param(supreme),hans(swan) swan is considered is most pious bird in Indian spiritualism,with uncountable grace of God,there will be festival of gurupurnima will be celebrated with full enthuasim village ubali,postoffice-urthan ,near bridge near bujhiya karhal mainpuri.
The main motto of Gurupurnima is in this world,in this mortal world there are so many troubled and desperate persons,these devotees will get the true spiritual knowledge,from the very starting the soul of persons are repeatedly going through the cycle of life and death,and suffering from many type of troubles,sadguru(True master),will show the path of salvation by,so do not forget this type of golden oppurtunity and get your soul purified,Truemaster says","if a person is fully devoted towards spiritual knowledge and devotion,then only fifteen minutes are taken by soul to know God",so get benefit of such a pious moment,your soul will get salvation.
Note: This festival will take place on 25-07-2010 in ubali(karhal) in which saints from far and wide will talk on self
Rsvp: Rajeev Kulshreshth,(Agra),Pankaj Aggarwal(mainpuri),Pankaj Kulshreshth(Agra),Ajab Singh Parmar (Jagner,Agra),Radharaman Gautam(Agra),Phoren Singh(Agra),Ramprkash Rathore(Kusmakheda),bhure baba alias Pagalnanad Baba(Karhal),Chetandas.Jangi(Mainpuri),Vijaydas(mainpuri).Balkrishan Shrivastav(Agra),Sanjay Kulshreshth(Agra),Ramsevak
Kulshreshth(Agra),Charn Singh Yadav(Ubali,Mainpuri),Udaiveer Singh(Ubali,Mainpuri),Ramveer Singh Yadav(Bujhia ka pul,Karhal),satyaveer Singh Yadav(Bujhia ka Pul,Karhal),Kayam Singh
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