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The real secret of worship

Come today, the real worship. Real devotion. About real Ivadh points. Which are only four ways.And which is also called Gan currency.1 Bhucharie money.2 Akecharie money. 3 Agocharie money. 4 Uanmnee money.Any race. Any religion. Any stage.In any case, why not.If you are human.God. Allah. rbb. The only way that true devotion to GOD.1 Bhucharie currency ... Bhucharie exchange Chetondhara Joङkara itself it has to Raman. This method is very simple. And many types of physical mental Kaleshoan does mitigation.Raman has the same currency with Mahamantr Zay. Its power is so Bङ Karoङoan times. Real Charie means. Fallie Huyie land. That Huyie motion. Rupee spirit lust laughing matter Fँsskara Agan is on the ground Vichrne. And so the true value is sitting. Bhucharie rejoices in the aerial itself seems to be different. And abstract abstract abstract Ghrahon seems to be ... There Thotha Ghhi Uङaya payable. As I have stated before. These strange and mysterious words Zayँ not. Surti extremely simple in terms of spiritual care any Gan Verbs and joy is the joy... .. Aramt Jogi Ram Aramaia seeker has been told this. Vidhman Kaonkaon of creation in God's path to Ananddham Bhucharie exchange itself is the same.
... Leading the way with a few secrets to the next three.Adaँaya route.Siddhoan of the area.Baँaya route. This year you billions.Birth birth are already running. According to science also left part of brain is very minimal use.According to the scriptures to life Alpgy said. This time God and his wife Maya area. This falls under the devotion dual devotion. Degrees to the right which heaven and Deoadi etc. are received. There are four kinds of freedom. Right to life is not as Muchh. And time is Fँasa into the trap of Maya. (I times the wife will call the name of Mayawati, darling. All creatures in the clutches of the same subject by lust Ahthkaandoan Fँse to find. But the mere shadow of the presence of the saints are very scared. The way to avoid the saints given by Gan and go on to deliver his own.) depth. Ie the direct route between Adaँye Baँyean is. This is the path of saints. That is the way Satlok or Amarlok. That God is the place to go. This is actually to go home. By the way of any true saint meet Gan elusive (proven) and Kalamayao (vacuous life) takes effect Chँttene.
2 Akecharie currency ... the exchange of proven Hanuman is the son of Anjani Famous examples.The posture of the power of the ocean after crossing the purpose Saikaङoan Lanka Ravana were dwelling. Its the curse of sages Hanuman Gan was forgotten. According to the same curse on Peङne need Gan had remembered him. The practice of currency inside the mouth, above the palate (the Peone inch round Ghङrङo slow. Where bone is not.) Continued practice of putting the tongue occurs. Constant practice becomes a small hole here. Which Ameeras (Amritarss) seems to fall within the mouth. The amazing sensation of joy. Ajiw C lasting peace in a life goes. And practice are further proved the currency. The seeker are many kinds of supernatural powers. Bhucharie much higher results than they have the money ... but without the seeker guidance and protection in the absence of a saint can be scary experience. So that's my advice. Siddhiaँ the very highest level providers in this discipline carefully and make a protection ... this Krima am telling you one simple thing similar. That a relationship with a prayer and not a spiritual mysteries of the body is concerned. That side of the nose that you get your tongue out and Practice. It is very difficult exercise. Sustained effort on the tongue will Bङne. The day will touch your tongue to the nose. On that day you shall not affect any type of toxin. Big whose tongue is normal. Alacquilly is. So it is easy for them to practice highly.
3 Agocharie exchange ... Tulsidas said ... Go where Algi visible transported mind. So all Maya Janoan brother. Ie senses (Go) and the location of their Vichrne (visible) as far as the mind is.That is all Maya. So as is clear from the name of the currency. Agocharie. Ie where the senses (5 Gan senses. 5 Karma senses. And mind.) Can not let go of. She is unmarked. Santmat for this are several couplets. Which are two very Famous ... eyes and ears of Doँpe mouth.Niranjan LAYE name. Opened the inside boards.When paid out. Algay close to three. Anahr Oncoar listen. Sahajo numb in trance. Nehian Nehian morning twilight ... This money is used in many ways the name of the note. Do the same to such attention. Ramdev, who have seen the program. Last of the program in the Babaji ear. Eye. By shut-deep grave accent ...... do ... .. the place to practice the Ramdev'm telling thing. That situation is vastly different and higher RAM. Body. Niranjan RAM. But the method is the same. The two fingers to the thumb so tight but tolerable Husayaean in both ears. External sound to the ear are Asaundepruf Zaँy. Now the two Big middle finger. Muँrte find both eyes. Thoङo the tight (so that they may not Duakne.) Be press keeping. Remaining two fingers. Find shut while keeping a slight press on the lips stay. Both thumb. Neck. Or according to your body wherever Banabo easily.Zaँy put in a comfortable position. Rest. Does not vary too much from them anywhere. When you feel discomfort and pain is not just practice.Take special care of it ... Now .... as to Ramdev.Do nothing. Not a chant. Is not to say something. To do something special. Just in the middle of the brain to hear the voice heard in the automatic stay.
This extremely easy once everyone will hear first. At the beginning of Roङne Hङhङaho will hear the wheels of the chariot. The chariot of the sun. Time it can also say the wheel or circle. The second is also a cycle. The sound emanating from any one home run Chaqui Whatever resonant voice. In fact the two wheels of the chariot virtuous sin in creation is constant Roङt. Inhi tied with two wheels and fauna is Hisot in Agan. Samdershi Saint sin virtue kick both sit on top of this chariot journey determines life. Kabir has said for this position.Roy kabira Chaqui was moving to see. Koy not save the whole between two roofing. Organism that is your nature to forget the sins of virtue Chaqui with two span of eternity flea is ... well .. after the sound of the chariot a garden you will hear the chirping sound of many Chiङioan. That means Ram Niranjan Dhune Arrankar will hear later. That sound is the name of Rupee real RAM. This was told to Parvati by Shankar Amarkatha. The Htakash constant blare.Tulsidas Ramayana indicated in the same unbroken text as advised. Not putting the siren.Pedkara to Ramayana. Foङne Peङosioan of the ear ... Kaagbhushundi also had this to say about that I'll drink constantly Ram Katha ... hear it now is just take care of it. The center of the brain to hear the voice of Left Adaँye No.

4 Uanmnee money.Big surprise me that millions of people in the world to practice it despite a day do not know anything about it. Perhaps this has been asked.Chhora at home. City proclamation ... Yes.That which you do.Medioeshne. The right not to know.Not because someone said. As described. Do so. Come today, I'll only tell.Same action. Medioeshne one. Ie the central focus Bhoanho station. Ane Uanmnee sense of indifference from the world. Them (ie God) Money (get in the mind) to put the mind of God.Hail. Hail. Is so beautiful ... I mean that while world attention through the nostalgic sense of love for God Adding to the mind. Come the easy way you describe it. Starting time. With open eyes for a while stay tuned to the nose. It automatically via Surti converge Jङ nose (just below the location of Bindi or Tilak. Hraumdhy just below.) Will be reached. And your eyes are shut away Zayeangee Automatic. Let loose your "community. And then do not find anything.What's going on. Let him. After some practice the same position between the late try to go.For this practice to Gudgude mattress. You will feel comfortable. Its right to take action on the inner realms of life provides a comfortable journey.
Special - the perfect way to use electricity carefully the convenience and comfort to your life gives full joy. But inadvertently in the mouth can cause serious consequences or death. Well same thing applies to spiritual practice. So instead of Amanmukhie conduct before a knowledgeable guide is good to.

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